Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Our Expert Energy Consultants are passionate about helping everyone go solar!  At CSE Solar we believe going solar will be automatic for all people and just like everyone has an AC Unit, everyone will go solar.

Please reach out to any of our professional energy connoisseurs and make a plan on how you can be your own energy producer.

ofer salter

Ofer Salter

Founder & CEO

The driving force behind CSE and is full of passion for renewable energy, Ofer has set out to change the world to a much greener, clean energy world.

With complimentary experience in construction, Ofer has been able to lower the cost of going solar to all of his customers, by proving the best plans and costs along with excellent customer service.

Solar Integrator

Rick Maley

Solar Integrator

Rick has 11 years experience in PV solar and energy efficient residential and commercial solutions. He is a member of the A.S.E.S. Solar NV Southern Chapter and helps to protect the people's rights to renewable energy in the state of Nevada.

You can reach Rick at (702) 874-VOLT.

The Next Step...

Going Solar doesn't have to be complicated nor expensive.  Simply provide us with one complete electric bill, a picture of your power box, and the reasons why you would like to go solar, and we'll be glad to provide you with a FREE Energy Evaluation.  Call Today.