About Us


Our Approach

Welcome to CSE, your solar equipment wholesale supplier and integrator, working with us will get you the best system, service and save you thousands, tens of thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nevada-based CSE Solutions LLC has been assisting hundreds of satisfied customers along the years whether installers, integrators, building owners or diy’s go solar for way less without making any compromises on quality warranties and customer service. With product in more than 25 warehouses across the nation and larger brand/product selection than any other wholesale supplier in the world, availability, time for delivery and major savings on shipping cost become the reason new customers choose every day to make CSE their preferred wholesale solar supplier, and are always excited to refer other professionals, friends, and relatives.


We have been helping customers in the last 10 years go solar at way below market average cost and our commitment is to distributing solar at the most affordable way so it becomes accessible to as many electricity users as possible, whether a homeowner, a commercial building owner or the developer of a multi-megawatt project.

We have a customer in almost every state across the country as well as US island territories and states such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Saipan, and Guam.

Going solar with us is as easy as going solar with all the big names, only that we save you thousands of dollars and provide you with a quicker and more personal service.

With 12 years experience in the construction industry prior to solar, we know a good contractor and the less than a handful we’re working with is as good as it gets in every category such as customer service, quality installation and a fair price, at the same time you are always welcome to hire your own installer.